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The Blockchain Scholarship

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Why Scholarship?

Education is MATTER!

  • Education is the best way to improving quality of life. It’s initiating a prosperous and happy life
  • Educated people are treated as equals on the basis of their knowledge and competence. It’s creating the equal opportunities
  • Educated people understand how valuable it is to live in a stable and secure community. It’s constructing the modern society!
  • Education helps connect with people and organizations around the world. It’s borderless!

the Objective

Sharing is EVERYTHING!

  • Blockchain Technology is not yet well known and matured enough. The exposure need to be improved!
  • Blockchain is a complex the way of thinking. It’s necessary to be explained of what blockchain is and how it works.
  • Blockchain is helping the way of life become easier. Its awareness and influence should be expanded!
  • Blockchain’s characteristic is decentralized. Its ecosystem can be enlarged by increasing public participation!
  • Contribution to Indonesian society by equalizing opportunities for growth!

the Program

How to Participate

Free YORK  is going to grant a SCHOLARSHIP at Foundation of Blockchain (FoB) held by Emurgo Indonesia for special awardee who is passionate about Blockchain Technology!

  1. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram
  2. RT/Quote, Like & share this Scholarship Campaign
  3. Leave comments in Reply with explanation how passionate your are and why you deserve to get this FoB Course. We challenge your crativity!
  4. Using the hashtag: #BlockchainScholarship #YORKforIndonesia #StakeWithYORK
  5. Give video testimonials after course & promote YORK!

*This offering will be closed on 13 May 2021 and the Elected Candidate will be announced on the 15 May 2021

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